It happened in June 2018, when 15 boys and girls together with their fencing coach left form Pisa Airport with destination New York to take part to an intensive saber camp at the Manhattan Fencing Club .

They are: Edoardo Cantini, Niccolo Cillari, Pietro Torre, Noemi Monaldi, Giulia Pitzolu, Giulia Iervasi, Camilla Michelucci, Edoardo Bertocchini, Marta Bozzi, Angelica Cardi, Giulietta Becucci, Giorgio Gradassi, Lorenzo Attanasio and Francesco Valentini … that together with their coach Nicola Zanotti, between one assault and another, had the opportunity to visit the City and live a unique experience.

The level of enthusiasm was very high as well as the level of training at the MFC, the boys and the girls participated in morning and afternoon training sessions, confronting Yuri Gelman’s top athletes like Aksamit and Wozniak, both bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics.
So, between a lunch break in Bryant Park, crazy shopping on 5th Avenue, a walk on the High Line and a delicious hamburger at Chelesea Market, this fantastic week ended !
Besides enriching the boys form the fencing point of view, it was a superb  and exiting experience  that will remain in everyone’s heart !!

Thanks to you all guys and thanks MFC .. Hope to fence there again !!


Summer Camp – New York 2018

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