CONI, Tirrenia. This morning a group of parents with their kids came to Coni Center to help the staff to set the gym. Strips have been assembled and everything have been settled .

We are ready now , but, before starting we would like to thank all the parents and kids  for the help given today and for beign present and so  passionated. Thank you all Guys!!!!!!  #welovefencing #summercamp2019 #readytostart

WELCOME Summer Camp!!!!!!

Here we are!!!! The meeting room is full of little fencers. Some faces are known, some other are new at their first camp experience  but, they have somenthing in  common, they are excited and  they can’t wait to start !!!  …We guess we’ll have much to tell and to share this week..don’t you!?!? Stay tuned  ! #welovefencing #summercamp2019

Day one ….Good Morning Summer Camp!!!

What is better than starting the day with a wake up training on the beach!!!!Today is the Group one’s turn to go on Tirrenia’s beach. Kids are divided into two groups based on their age so they can better train.They are happy and we can breathe their enthusiasm in the air !!! After the running race and the workout, kids deserve a “relaxing” swim in the sea …Hey guys, do not relax too much ..this is just the beginning …we have to fence now !!!!

In the meantime, the other group was warming up in the gym

#welovefencing #summercamp2019 #dayone

Two more days of camp  passed, between a workout on the beach, technical and tactical work, exercises and fencing leg, the guys are training intensely.Despite the hard training put the kids to the test, the desire to joke and have fun does not pass and in the meantime … new friendships are born !!!

Tomorrow, the first competition will be held with pools in the morning and in the  afternoon… we’ll keep you posted !!

#welovefencing #summercamp2019 #sabre



En-garde.. pret.. allez!!

The fourth day starts with a series of assault , 20 match at 5 touch per kids .This is a very strong and intensive training . The guys fence both in the morning and in the afternoon. This kind of training takes the level of the training at the top,  and, while assaults goinig on …Irene Vecchi, comes to see us ..what a big surprise!!!! Kids are excited, she’s very nice with them and  obviously couldn’t miss the big group selfie!!

in the afternoon, after the hard work,  kids deserve a swim, the guys go all together to the beach to have some fun. It’s amazing to see how kids feels every day more and more closely and new friendships born !!!

Good job guys

Another hard fencing day at the summer camp! After the early morning beach work-out the kids come back to the gym for a technical tactical training.

Sabre Summer Camp 2019

Day 6 ..and.. it’s time to say goodbye!  I would like to thank all my staff Marco Ciari, Ilaria Bianco and Leonardo Tomer that helped me during this intensive but fantastic week, thanks guys for all your support! Special thanks goes to the amazing coach Nikita Sakhanenko and to Andrew Lamianski for their partecipation and last but not least, I would thank all the fencers for making this camp special and for being as you are enthusiastic, committed and for showing always the best of you!

Thanks to you all guys, see you next year!!!!  #welovefencing #nevergiveup #hardtraining #fencing #sabre #summercamp2019